The Royal Oak Folk Club

10th Sept 2014. Hi Everyone. Thanks to all of you for coming and supporting "Folk at the Oak", which in turn supports "Breakthrough Breast Cancer". It is always heart warming to see friendships formed within the club and the generosity for Breakthrough continued. For All Our New Friends. We are an open mic club, every first Tuesday in the month, and you are assured of a very warm welcome. So come and join us, to perform or to listen and have fun. If you would like to inform us that you will be coming please call Marilyn 01902 424504 or Mick 07766 412550. Be good to see you. Regards - Marilyn and Mick. Hi all at Folk at the Oak. As Paul mentioned in his last update the website is being a bit of a problem a moment so this is just a text message from Mick.


    Whats Going On  


Hello Everyone

Our apologies but we have been having a lot of trouble with the web site, which is why it has not been updated frequently like we used to. Whenever I tried updating it became unusable to the point where I had to log out, close down my computer and start again. This became very frustrating and the main reason why I have not kept the site info up to date.

I tried contacting the Webs web site people but they refused to talk to me after two e-mails because I was not the original site owner, so I am not sure where to go from here as the original site owner is no longer contactable. Mick was hoping to take over the running of the site, but he is at the moment having the same problems as me.

If we cannot find a solution my suggestion is to close down this site as Webs appear to be very unfriendly, and start up a new one.

Ok see you at the club sometime



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Hello everyone

Well it's been a long time since the last update, but not a lot has changed until recently. The Royal Oak folk club has been as popular as ever with great support from all the regulars and occasional new faces. The club has been packed to the rafters so to speak and late finishes have been the order of the day to try and get all singers who turned up at least one song. This of course is not good due to people having to go to work next day, or have other commitments, so people leaving early has left the room half full by the time the last few acts have performed. It was suggested to Marilyn to limit the number of singers so as to reduce the late nights and finish at a reasonable time.

I have been told that the new format is a minimum of 15 floor spots getting two songs each, and a finishing time of 11.00. If someone turns up and there is time at the end of the night they might get a chance of one number. So there you have it folks, be there early for a spot or preferably phone Marilyn or Mick to book your slot. I hope you all understand the reason for this especially as we draw nearer the cold winter months and bad weather. We don't want to be out returning home after 11.30 on a cold winters night, and we don't want to be playing to a half empty room.

Lets hope the new format works, it is not far off how we have run the club in the past asking people to keep their songs short and chat in between songs short. This way you have a chance of finishing on time or maybe even squeezing in an act that was a late comer.

So there it is folks please continue to support the club even if you are told all spaces are booked for the next night, remember it's not just about performing the club is about raising money for Breakthrough.



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Hello Everyone
Well we had another cracking night and a full house to boot, for this the second Folk at the Oak of the year. Some new faces and many familier ones made up an appreciative audience.
Mick (the mando) started the night and without naming them all we had songs from John White, Mick Burrows, John Collier, Ralph, Sonia, Pat and Marg as (Ptarmagan), Velvet Green, Terry and Les. The Jimmy band finished a superb night of 'LIVE' entertainment.
Thanks to all who came and supported the club, audience and singers alike.
See you again next month.
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Happy New Year 2013
Hello everyone
Well new year is over and it's the start of the new season, and it was off to a good start. Although many off us were complaing about the flue with a number of regulars having had Flue or the Nora virus. It was good to see a full house raring to go and see in the new year, so Mick started things off and we had songs from John, Ralph, Ken,  Pete Boddis, Christine, Dek, Ron, Ken (Stourbridge), and Fiona. The 2nd half continued with songs from Robbie, Velvet Green, Carol, Mick Burrows, Ian (with some help from Mick on Mando) and keith. A super start to the new season lets hope these numbers continue, see you all 1st Tuesday next month.
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Hello Everyone 
Yes it was the Christmas party this Tuesday and the last Royal Oak Folk club until January 1st 2013 (if the world hasn't ended before then) as the MAYAN Calender predicts. It was a great night with many of the regulars there that have supported the club over the past 12 months. The night was started by Mick and then we had seasonal songs from John White, Keith, John Langford, Mike & Anne, Mick Burrows, Hazel and Peter and Ron with a true folk tale. After a feast of food bought in by the regulars, Velvet Green started the second half off with a couple of Christmas songs, then we had Bill, Ralph, Pete Boddis and Marilyn Alan and Mick as 'ProTempore'who finished off the night with some great singalong songs.
A super night to finish an excellent year, made by all the regulars that come along and support the club, and the bumper year for sending the biggest amount of money to Breakthrough. £2,000.
Best regards see you all in the New Year.
Paul and Sue
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Hello Everyone
How things change from week to week, after last weeks packed house we are this week back again to small numbers. Mick started the night off on his uke, and Marilyn joined him for a 3rd number. Pete Boddis gave us two numbers and got us all singing his new Locket in my pocket song in the 2nd half. We had songs from Sally & Mike, Arthur did his Bob Dylan impression with two Dylan numberds, and Tony Barrat played one of his self penned songs. We then had Velvet green, Mick burrows and ken. Two acts were pulled from the hat to do a number in the 2nd half, and it ended up being a decent night, although we were down on audience and artists.
Still a Good night at the oak.
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Hello Everyone
Well since the Oakathon the club has been relativley quiet, with both singers and audience figures down. That was until this week when everyone came out of the woodwork and made it a great night. The room was packed and we had a number of quality floor singers, some old, some new faces, some who have not played for over 6 months. On that note it was good to see Brain and Shiela at the club again, and Brian get up with his guitar to do a couple of numbers. Also good to see young Danny give us two traditional type songs, with a voice that suits them well. We saw regulars Mick, ken, Robbie, Ian, and two Brewood folk club members Christine and Tony all giving us their brand of humour and folk/Acoustic songs. John White gave us 1 song and Pete Boddis and Mandolin Mick backed John, doing a couple of country numbers. Velvet Green played, along with Graham and Rob from the Barley Mo, and three guys new to the club played some folky classics. Pete Boddis did a solo spot trying out a new song (Iv'e got a Locket in me pocket), and Hazel and Peter ended a late session on their Banjo's.
Yet another cracking night at The Oak
Hello Everyone
Well the Oakathon was a massive success, a big thank you to all those who gave their time, and all of you who supported the club by joining in with the Open Mic, and coming to see the great evening show. We had some great acts on the open mic where nearly everyone played to a packed room, and where with the kindness of some of the acts (who voluntered to do one number only), made it possible that ALL of the acts who came to perform got at least one number. That's the Folk Club Spirit and shows what sort of people go to folk clubs.
A great day turned to a great evening with some superb acts followed by the excellent Pete Boddis band who ended the night with their style of country rock. With the total on the day figure of £1,000 pounds it is our best year ever, for money raised for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
Well done to everybody concerned.
Hello everyone
Well we have had good weeks and not so good weeks in the run up to the Oakathon, one week has been quiet with just enough singers to go around with two numbers each. The next week and the room is rammed to the rafters, scraping around for chairs so as people can sit down. What the club could do with is more regular members to go with the artists who only turn up every few weeks. As someone who visits other clubs I know it is hard to get to support the same club every week, especially those who come from afar as Birmingham, Pelsall, Wheaton Aston, Stourbridge, etc. We love to see new faces but it is hard to encourage them back if the place is only half full. I know other clubs have been suffering the same, there seems be a ever decreasing number of punters to those who stay at home and prefer to watch x factor and soaps to live music.  Please keep coming and supporting the club, and remember the reason we go is not just to listen or sing but to raise money for Breakthrough.



Hello everyone

Well after last week tonight was a little less packed, but we still had some excellent artists to see us through the night. After Mando Mick opened the nights entertainment giving some back chat to Marilyns comments remeniscent of Phil Parton, John gave us a couple of Dylan songs. Good to see Terry and Pat back at the club, and Terry gave us a couple of songs, followed by Rob S, Carol, Robbie and Ron gave us an old black country tale. We then had singer songwriter Mick Burrows and Ken, John higgins on his Mandolin and Velvet Green. Sue Stevens all the way from The Lighthouse folk club finished the night off in style.

Yet another cracking night at the Royal Oak.





Hello Everyone

Well you couldn't have got another body in the room this week it was rammed. Nice to see Gray up from the Wirral who started the evening off, after Mando Mick had opened with a couple of numbers. We then had Graham and Rob from the Barley Mo, and Banjo Mick from Sons of Proffessor Longhair. Nice to see Paul, and Les who is becoming a regular, and two guys calling themselves The Jimmy Band. Velvet Green played Schooldays Over, and Solo, and Tony Portlock finished the first half session.
I have mentioned the Oak to many people who go regular to The Woodman folk club on a Friday night, so it was nice to see the Crag band, with Karen, Sandy and the guys start the second half with 3 numbers. Although the bass player bought his own amp we still had dufficulty with two mics and two instruments but they managed to play and sound good, and they do a cracking version of Erin shore. Robbie contributed with a couple of songs, and newcomers Abacus played twin Banjos for us. Good to see Ian back at the Oak having recently seen him at The Woodman, and Mandolin Mick accompanied him for his 2nd number.
All in all another cracking night at The Royal Oak.



Hi Everyone
Great to see a packed house when we arrived at the club, we just about managed to get a seat. On top of all the regulars (you know who you are) we had songs from Mick the mando, Rob, Les, Dek, Mick and Ken, Tony P, Kevin, Velvet Green and Robbie. Everyone was on top form and gave us some great songs, folk classics and singer songwriter which is great to hear and makes you realise the talent that is on the circuit these days.
Marilyn reminded us of the up and coming OAKATHON event in October, and has asked me to thank all those artists above and members of the audience for coming along and supporting the club. Without you there is NO club, and no money raised for Breakthrough.


Well hello everyone.

It's good to be back after such along break and the regulars will know that the break was all about me re-fitting our Kitchen out. It gave me some aches and pains I never knew I had, but all is done at last. I see upon our return we have new tables, not sure I like but they are far more sturdy than the old rickety ones, it also good to see the new Glitzy backdrop is still with us, we must be the Glitzy-est folk club in town, ha ha.

Over the past two weeks it's been good to see some new faces who had tried the club for the first time, and some old faces as well as the staunch regulars. Nice to see Mick and Rob playing with Mike on his superb Les Paul. Also the return of Jack and his brother, with other artists including, Dek, Robbie, Mick, Ken, Tony, Carol, Anne and Mike and Pat.




News about Your Hosts.

Due to the absence of Phil Parton since Christmas and for those people wondering where he is and if he is going to return to the club, I asked Phil the question. I asked for the reason of keeping this web site up to date, and for any members or passers by who wished to leave a message. Phil replied to my e-mail and asked me to input the following:

 Phil Parton regrets he is no longer associated with the Oak, and wants to thank everyone for their support and urge all who can, to continue supporting the club.

I hope that makes things clear to everyone, and we can now move forward, Thank you Phil for all you have done over the years and good luck for the future.

Sunday 12th February

It is with regret we have inform you that '
Pat Hall' passed away on Sunday 12th February, after a long battle with cancer. She co-founded the Lighthouse Folk club and worked tirelessly behind the scenes until very recently. She will be greatly missed at the club which was such an important part of her life, and will be sadly missed by the people who new her from here at The Royal Oak. We send our deepest condolences to Her family and to Sue Stevens.

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Hello Everyone

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Well after a long lay off it was good to see the return of some of the older regulars Brian & Sheila, and Brian was on top form although he said he had not played for a while. It was also good to see Graham who I guess was down here on Business, and who gave us 3 great songs the 3rd being my favourite. It was also good to see Carol although she was only a spectator this week, and the return of Pat and the John Denver soundalike 'Terry' back from their Spanish Inquisition.
Mick kicked the night off in his usual fine musicianship standard, followed by Alan & Marilyn, John White, and Colin & Mary. The evening continued with songs from Paul, Rob, Jez, Fiona, Velvet Green, Dek, Terry and Robbie.

Yet another fine night at 'The Royal Oak'


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Hi Eveyone

Well the Month of January has been slow, with low attendance figures It seems everyone is spent out after Christmas,or the cold weather is keeping people inside their own homes. The die hard regulars have been to the club, but we have not attracted many new acts.
Lets hope February brings better nights, with more auduince and Artists. We are still trying to shake cold's which is still affecting Sue's voice, croak croak.
Good to see a decent number of Folk and artists at the oak last night, and was good to see Mick join Marilyn and Alan doing a Triple-echo number. Dek was on good form with two of his self penned songs as was John Langford. Hope I managed to record both songs this time, Last time I video'd John I forgot to press play on his first song.There were songs from Paul, John White, Jack, Steve, and Alan who finished off the first half .Tarmaggon kicked off the 2nd half with 3 cracking songs, with lovely harmonies from Pat and Margaret, followed by Paul 2, Mick and Margaret as a trio. Songs from Rob, Robbie, with two lovely song's from Christine. Velvet Green finished off the evening with Nell Brydens 'Only life you know.

yet another great night at the Oak 





Hi Everyone

Well I guess this will be the last update of 2011 as our next folk club meeting will be in the New year of 2012. Once again people other than the die hard regulars stayed away, perhaps time of the year too much Turkey and Alchohol. Anyway the artists that did turn up all got 3 songs each and after Phil opened the night with 3 of his songs, John Collier helped us out by doing the graveyard shift, which included an Eric Bogle song. After that we had Rob, Keith, who did a lovely Chris Wood song and Velvet Green who sang the superb Charlie Dore song 'My own Lonernger' which finished the first half. As usual Marilyns sandwhiches went down well, and Phil and Marilyn started the 2nd half off with a couple of numbers, one being somewhere over the rainbow, a classic sung beautifully by Marilyn. Fiona gave us 3 excellent songs two of which were from Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman. Keith gave us another one to end the night and although there were not many of us, it was another great night at the Oak.

See you next year, I hope!



Hi Everyone

Well Party nighty turned out to be a good un, and with the number of acts it was back to one song each. With a full house Phil and Marilyn started the night, and we had songs from John White, Colin and Mary, Dek, John Collier, Ken, Karen and Velvet green with John Langford who ended the first half. With pleanty of food to go round, Marilyns sandwhiches, complimented sausage rolls, onion Barge's, etc and for afters there was mince pies and Sue's fairy cakes etc. The 2nd half we had songs from Dek, Kev, Mick, Carol, and John Langford. Velvet Green were asked to do a 2nd number and Phil finished the night. Yet another excellent party night at The Oak, thanks to all performers and to all those who supplied food.



Hello everyone

Well it was our turn to run the club tonight due to Triple Echo having a booking. We thought the night was going to be quiet again, as the previous weeks have been low on attendance due we think to the climate at the moment and xmas around the corner. The Royal Oak is not the only one to suffer as we have heard of other local clubs in the same situation. The room was nice and warm this week and we saw the usual solid audience crew of John, Sue Colin, Mary, Kath, and Frank. Artists started to roll in and we had songs from Paul, Bob and Lou, Dermot, Jim, Brian and Helen, and Eric. We Velvet Green started the night and we we just had enough artists to go around doing 3 songs each, with Velvet Green ending the night. Thanks to all the people who turnded out on a cold damp night, it was yet another great night at 'The Oak'.

See you soon



Hello everyone

With Marilyn being out, we helped Phil out again by doing the sound throughout the evening. Phil started with two classic songs and Velvet Green followed with two on their graveyard shift slot. We had songs from Dek who just keeps getting better and better, and sets from Rob, and Sally & Mike. After a Toilet, sandwhich and beer fetching break the night continued with Kev, Billy & Loz who who we have not seen for some time and they as usual did an excellent set. Because Velvet Green did the Graveyard shift Phil asked them to do another number, and they tried out their new song (My own Loneranger)
by Real time which they had only heard on the previous Friday . Phil ended the night with two singalong songs.

Another Great night at the Oak

See you again



Both Marilyn and Phil were running the club on the night, with enough artists to have  the usual two songs each. Velvet Green continued the nights music after Phil had opened with two of his classic songs. We had a great set from Carol, and good to see a return to the club for Fiona. Graham gave us two instrumentals and Rob two war story classics due to Rememberance Sunday just gone. Karen played 3 songs with two of her friends under the name of 'Fanny Power' and Sally and Mike gave us the usual solid performance. Brian gave us a classic set from his repertoire, and because they had played the graveyard shift' Velvet Green' got the chance to play one more in the second half, followed by two more from Phil to finish the night.

Another great night at The Royal Oak

Until next time.



Good to see both Marilyn and Phil at the Oak this week, unfortunately Marilyn had both good and sad news to tell us.

The Good news was that the money raised for Breakthrough Breat Cancer this year including Oakathon day money, was once again the wonderful amount of: 
£1,800 pounds, (WOW) Once again many thanks to all concerned, including audience, performers and Organisers without which there would be no folk club.

The sad news is that Graham, who has always done a splendid job on the sound mixing desk has passed away suddenly at his home. I am sure I can say on behalf of ALL royal Oak supporters and performers that he will be sadly missed, and we send our condolences to his close friends and family.

This tuesday night started off a bit slow with Phil deciding on 3 numbers each. Thirty minutes later and more singers arrived so the second half was back to two songs each. As well as the regular stalwarts we heard a great set from Bob and Lou, Dek gave us two cracking instrumentals because he had a croaky voice, and Dermot gave us a singalong set. We also saw excellent sets from Rob, Karen, Mick, and two male and female partnerships in Allykat and after a long absence Phil and Anne. Altogether another great night at The Royal Oak

See you next time




The past two weeks at the Royal Oak have been quiet, possibly due to the recent Oakathon event and a change in the weather (People have got to get used to going out in the cold). The regulars have turned up and we have managed to get through the evening with three songs each, thanks to Colin and John for filling in. We have seen two newcomers both performing songs more on a country music theme, but with totally different styles.

Marilyn was missing last week and Phil was out this week so I helped out with the sound last week and Mick filled in on sound this week. Looking forward to when they are both back running the club together.

Until next time