The Royal Oak Folk Club

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'The Folk At The Oak'


Marilyn Bose.

Marilyn has been actively involved in promoting and running folk clubs in Wolverhampton  for a while now. Marilyn started in the local folk scene taking a sideways step from her involvement with Local Operatics to Folk and Acoustic music, by being involved with Angie's Folk Club  in Wolverhampton.  

When this closed, it led to the start of 'Folk at the Barn' at the Oxbarn Members Club in Church Road Bradmore, which was then run by Marilyn and Phil Parton.

As part of the development of this charity venture, it has now been decided to relocate to the Royal Oak pub in School Road, Tettenhall in Wolverhampton.

As with Angie's Folk and Folk in the Barn, this venture will continue as a singers night every Tuesday evening, and all proceeds continue to go to

Breakthrough Breast Cancer.